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Who We Are ?

Amazon Diet Center has been providing solutions for weight management for almost 2 years.

We are one of the leading institutions in slimming, dieting and fitness in Qatar’s Market.

Our dieting methods rely on:

Doing laboratory Blood Tests in order to identify and tackle abnormal values Fourth Fingerprint, blood Neutron Test:

Everyone has its own fingerprint that helps us to discover (by analyzing the blood) the quality of food we must

eliminate to avoid the stimulation of the immune system that causes and leads to weight gain. Moreover, it helps us to

identify the food that may cause other diseases such as migraine headaches, irritable bowel disease, acne,

eczema….Client’s Eating Habits, preferences, special conditions….

We offer integrated solutions and medical care for a graceful strength and a healthy weight through:

Diets for weight management, diseases management (diabetes, renal…), special conditions (pregnancy, athletes…)

Food Delivery (ready to eat meals): we serve 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with side dishes for each (salad,

soup, appetizers), fruits and healthy desserts

Our menu is highly diversified, contains all the food groups and prepared in a healthy and safe way.

 Slimming machines (ZERONA, 7 MAX): the best slimming aids to burn fat and sculpt the body in the desired areas

 Fitness machines (BODYTEC), Gym and a gym where the client enjoy exercising under the supervision of professionals

Our team is dedicated to weight management and health improvement; a team of licensed professionals (dietitians

,physiotherapists..) helps you reaching the goal you’re aiming for in a very professional, and smooth way taking into

consideration your eating  and preferences ,your and blood and others.

Our Vision:

Help people reaching their ideal body weight in a smooth way and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle

 Awareness by spreading accurate ,scientific and practical information related to diet ,sports and others

 Implement these info in order to build a healthy population and decrease the prevalence of obesity related diseases