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The DIET to be prescribed is based on:

Your body composition analysis
Your blood test
Your eating habits,preferences,your lifestyle
Your level of physical activity
Your health profile (diseases,allergies…)

The diet isPERSONALIZEDand changed on a weekly basis.

Who said that rice,pasta,breadandothers aren’t allowed in the diet!!??

Our diet contains all the food groups your body needs. It is a very easy and smooth diet especially designed for you.
Quantities given in the diet differ from person to another due to his body composition and his metabolism.

weight loss of 5-10 kgs per month if you abide to your diet andto our recommendations.

Should I be on Diet for the rest of my life??!!

Well No!! A maintenance diet is prescribed whenever you reach the target weight we have set in the beginning. We will teach you how to manage your eating patterns,how to choose your food and how to control your portions.
Most of all,we will help you building a healthy lifestyle by changing your eating habits!

Diets we offer are designed for:

Weight Management (weight loss,weight gain)
Diseases Management (Diabetes,Renal)
Special Conditions (Pregnancy,Kids,Bariatric surgeries,Athletes…)